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NOXP Status: 20130717_052159 -- NOXP_Status_Msg Last file 20130717-052012 Reflectivity 19.50
Current NO-XP Experimental data ... Latest NOXP/88D image ... NOXP v. 88D archive
NOXP data : 0.1 deg , 0.5 deg , 0.9 deg , 1.3 deg , 1.8 deg , 2.4 deg , 3.1 deg , 4.0 deg , 5.1 deg , 6.4 deg , 8.0 deg , 10.0 deg , 12.5 deg , 15.6 deg , 19.5 deg
Current NOXP Reflectivity (last file received from NOXP) Current WSR-88D (KGSP) Reflectivity (click image for loop)

MRMS CONUS Non-QCd 1-km Mosaic MRMS Reflectivity At Lowest Altitude

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