WDSS-II - The Warning Decision Support System - Integrated Information


NOTICE: It is normal for this experimental data feed to experience occasional outages.

Experimental Real-time products

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About the products

WDSSII information


About the products

The continental US (CONUS) WDSSII system is described in:

while a brief description of the products in Google Earth are:

  • Smith, T.M. and V. Lakshmanan, 2006: Utilizing Google Earth as a GIS platform for weather applications. 22nd Conference on Interactive Information Processing Systems, Atlanta, GA, Amer. Meteo. Soc.

The reflectivity quality control technique:

How the "Rotation Tracks" product is derived:

  • Smith, T.M. and K. L. Elmore, 2004: The use of radial velocity derivatives to diagnose rotation and divergence. Preprints, 11th Conf. on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace, Hyannis, MA, Amer. Meteor. Soc., P5.6 - CD preprints.
  • and some Rotation Tracks issues are described in this picture.

A preliminary evaluation of the spatial hail size estimation ("Hail swath") products, as compared to the WSR-88D products:

  • Ortega, K.L, and T.M. Smith, 2006: Verification of multi-sensor, multi-radar hail diagnosis techniques. 1st Severe Local Storms Special Symposium, Atlanta, GA, Amer. Meteo. Soc.

Merging data from multiple radars: